Talampaya Canyon + Los Balcones

DEPARTURES: 09:00 AM, 11:00 PM & 13:30 PM
Visitors must proceed to the National Park 45 minutes before the reserved time. Otherwise, it will be considered a no-show.

Live this experience from in height

Visit the main attractions of the Talampaya Canyon and discover it from a unique view.



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Duration: 4 hours
Van or bus
Language: Spanish
Trekking time: 1 hour
Difficulty level: Medium.
Ages: 10 to 65 year-old.

For those who choose to fly high, in addition to immersing themselves in the magic of the Talampaya Canyon, this experience offers the possibility of contemplating it from an incomparable panoramic view.

After touring the main attractions in a fully equipped vehicle, you will undertake a 2.3-kilometer ascending trek to Los Balcones de Talampaya. It is a natural viewpoint at 1,600 meters above sea level, where connecting with the immensity of the landscape and what it has to teach us is inevitable.

During the experience you will learn about the culture and traditions of the ancient peoples that inhabited these lands, discovering their petroglyphs, ceremonial environments and tools. In addition, you will be surprised by the power of nature with the curious rock formations that characterize the Canyon.

At all times a guide, highly trained and authorized by the National Parks Administration, will explain every detail, enriching the tour to the maximum.


DEPARTURES: 09:00 AM, 11:00 PM & 13:30 PM


Rates valid until June 30, 2024.

  • Adults
    $55.530 ARS
  • Minors

    3 to 12 years old.

    $27.765 ARS
  • 50% off
    La Rioja residents

    Residents of La Rioja with identification that proves it. Exclusive requirement. It does not apply for contingents. Limited daily quota. Price per person.

    $55.530 ARS $27.765 ARS
  • Family Plan 1

    Composed of 2 adults and 3 minors up to 21 years of age. Price per person.

    $33.318 ARS
  • Family Plan 2

    Composed of 2 adults and 2 minors up to 21 years of age. Price per person.

    $41.648 ARS
  • Family Plan 3

    Composed of 2 adults and 1 minor up to 21 years of age. Price per person.

    $44.424 ARS
  • Baby

    Up to two years old.

    $0,000 ARS
  • Person with disability

    You must attach CUD.

    $0,000 ARS


They are not allowed, with the aim of preserving the local fauna and flora.

Wheelchair accessible. A companion is necessary.

You can cancel your booking within 10 calendar days of making it. Send us an e-mail to informes@talampaya.com and we will help you.
In case of canceling a booking already made with the “pay upon arrival” option, no additional charges will be applied.
In case of canceling a booking already paid, the amount paid will be refunded, deducting the administrative expenses generated by said operation (5%).


Are there tours done every day of the year?

Yes, all year.

Can I eat something in the Talampaya National Park?

Yes! In the complex there is a spacious and comfortable air-conditioned restaurant.


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