Quality and Environment Policies

VOLTERRA is the concessionaire of the tourist services of the Talampaya National Park, located in the province of La Rioja. The activities that are carried out in this protected natural area are: excursion services through the Talampaya Canyon, gastronomic service and camping service, in the area for public use of the place; they are developed within the framework of the protection and conservation of said Natural and Cultural heritage. In Volterra We Commit:

*From a systemic approach and driven by continuous improvement, offer an excellent tourist service that achieves the satisfaction of the interested parties at all levels.
*Establish a cordial and empathetic relationship with a client that will ensure their satisfaction and loyalty.
*Comply with the applicable legal requirements and those established by the organization;
*Promote, accompany and lead, as promoters and agents of change, the socio-environmental transformation, through raising awareness among all the actors who experience Volterra;
*Provide solutions to the needs of the community that surrounds the company, generate strategic alliances with the main stake parties, collaborate with the development of local suppliers and generate qualified work.
*Carry out and promote good practices for the protection of the environment through the mitigation of the impact of the activity and the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems;
*Develop a solid high-performance team, focused on their development, both professional and personal;
*Establish integrated quality and environment objectives with a focus on continuous improvement of the system and performance.

Rev. June 02, 2022

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