What does it mean to be a B Corporation?

B Corporations are companies that use the power of the market to provide concrete solutions to social and environmental problems of the communities in which they are inserted.
It is a new way of seeing and doing business, where a triple positive impact is sought.
These corporations pursue a purpose that seeks to generate a positive impact on people and the environment in addition to maximizing profits, thus redefining the meaning of “success”.
They are corporations that identify with their role as agents of change, that take responsibility for their negative impacts, seek to minimize them and strengthen their positive economic and socio-environmental impacts.

“B corporations seek to be the best corporations for the world, and not of the world”.

What does it mean that Volterra is certified as a B Corporation?

It means that we have gone through a rigorous international evaluation that measures and recognizes the positive impacts that the company is generating, both in its business model and through its policies and practices in different areas: governance, workers, environment and also the community.

This measurement shows what these positive impacts are and where they are, and detects opportunities for improvement.

It means that we are part of a global movement of corporations and people who seek to build a new economy, which seeks the welfare of people, societies and nature, using the power of the market to solve social and environmental problems.

We work every day of the year to satisfy the needs of the tourists who visits the Talampaya National Park but also those of the receiving community; promoting opportunities in the present and the future, generating dignified employment without compromising cultural integrity, creating inclusion, equity and valuing the local heritage, estimating the natural heritage, preserving resources by making responsible use of them, and respecting biodiversity.

We understand the challenge, declare our commitment, apply best practices, and measure our impact.

We are proud to be a B Corporation!

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