The Talampaya Canyon

Within the Talampaya National Park, the Talampaya Canyon sector is the most important attraction and the one with the greatest scenic beauty in the whole National Park. There, the activities are developed in schedules and organized groups, always accompanied by a local guide, which has allowed us to maintain the tourist resource in excellent conditions of conservation and preservation.

Temperatures and Rain

The great thermal amplitude predominates both in summer and in winter. Sensitive temperature variations are frequent during the day, and the differences are notorious with respect to the night.

Summers are warm, with highs that can exceed 38 °C of thermal sensation to the sun, and winters with lows of 0 °C and sometimes below zero. The months with probability of lower temperatures are from June to September.

The winds blow throughout the year. The most frequent are those of the northwest, west, and southeast quadrant, being the zonda wind one of the most energetic.
This area is characterized by its low percentage of ambient humidity, except in summer, when it usually rains. The average annual rainfall in the region is 150 to 170 mm.

In case of rain or foehn winds the access to excursions inside the National Park is closed.

Useful Tips

Carry a bottle of water, good sunscreen, appropriate footwear (sneakers or hiking boots) and light clothing. In the winter months, take a jacket, either a polar or dubet jacket, use a cap or hat and sunglasses for sun protection.

We recommend that you wear coats “in layers” all year round so that you can take them off as it gets warmer and keep warm when the temperature drops.

Plan your Trip

The Talampaya Canyon receives approximately 70,000 visitors a year, these increase during the winter months, although in the fall and spring they begin to be more frequent. It is necessary to make a previous reservation through our online reservation system in order to secure your place in the tours, since there is a limited capacity of visitors per day.

In the months of high season, you must have reservation of accommodation in the nearby locations. Or, camping consultations for visitors wishing to spend the night and be dazzled by one of the clearest skies in Argentina.

The season with the least amount of visitors is from December to March, so we recommend visiting the park at this time of the year, since the enjoyment of the services and the landscape is optimal.

In order not to have any inconvenience in taking the excursions, especially in the high seasons, we recommend that you make your reservation through the online Reservation System of this website.

Protect the Fauna

Keep our fauna wild…
Avoid feeding animals: once a wild animal eats food provided by humans, it becomes addicted. This habit can lead to death.

Keep your distance: don’t let the animals get close. Although many of them are used to human presence, it can be dangerous.

Maintain the silence: the greater the silence, the greater the possibility of observing and appreciating the different animal species that exist in the park.


In the Talampaya National Park it is not allowed to enter with pets because of the direct impact on local fauna and flora

Camping in the Park

Camping in the Park is a unique experience, it feels like by just stretching your hand, you can touch the constellations and the moon. The camping site in the park is limited to certain designated places. Keep in mind that it is a wild camping site.
It has bathrooms and shower facilities.

The restaurant “Naturaleza Mística”, located inside the Parador, is open until 22:00.

It is advisable to camp during the months of spring, summer and autumn, although in winter it is also possible.

Minimum elements for camping 48hs

– Comfortable and spare clothes
– Warm clothes (in winter and summer)
– Footwear suitable for walks, with non-slip sole
– Sunscreen
– Hat
– Backpack
– Good quality tent to withstand strong winds
– Heater (remember that it is not allowed to make fire)
– Fast food
– Lantern
– Sleeping bag (reaches -10º C in winter)

Gift Shop

It is common for visitors of these lands to want to buy souvenirs, which is why there is a gift shop inside the restaurant, where you can find local sweets, patero wine, olives, olive oil, typical jams and other delicatessen. There are also souvenirs such as T-shirts, caps, bottles, cups, magnets, stickers and other products.


How did Talampaya National Park come to be a world heritage site?

In 1893, the geologist Alfrid Stasmed made a great discovery in “La Rioja territory”: the Talampaya fields.

More than 70 years passed until in the 40’s, Dr. Joaquin Frenguelli provided valuable information that captured the interest of geologists and paleontologists around the world.

The discovery of animal and plant fossils, as well as the geological strata analyzed respond to the events that took place in the Triassic period of the Mesozoic era, 225 million years ago, where reptiles were the owners of these lands.

The formation of the mountain range occurred 60 million years ago, and revealed this curious relief made up of clay and sandstone compacted with a visible presence of iron oxide, which determines the reddish color of the walls that emerge in the area.

This ecosystem is one of the few places in the world where you can clearly see the different layers that make up the land and how the internal movements of the earth were accommodating the plates that constitute it.

The term Talampaya has many meanings, but most authors agree on the following interpretation: dry river of logging.

In 1975, the government of the province of La Rioja created the Talampaya Provincial Park. Then, in 1997, through a law, it grants the rights of the place to the National Park Administration to declare it a National Park.

Finally, on November 29, 2000, it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

More information

The Talampaya Canyon is the most important and impressive tourist attraction of the Talampaya National Park; it is visited by more than 70,000 tourists a year, since in it you can appreciate imposing reddish walls of 150 meters, diverse geoforms (The Monk, The Tower, etc.), and magnificent rocky manifestations, called petroglyphs.

In the area of the Talampaya Canyon are the services of the only Tourist Center of the Talampaya National Park (bathrooms, restaurant, regional and merchandising, camping, sale of excursions, etc.) that offers comfort and information to the visitors, serving also as a starting point for the excursions.

The Talampaya Canyon is a gift from nature and from our past generations that transcends our existence. Its beauty and size make us feel small before its majesty.

In its peaceful spaces you will find the tranquility that you are looking for to relax from a life agitated by occupations and responsibilities.

Take the time to enjoy this landscape and get to know its mystique and energy. Observe the exciting play of light and shadow that occurs during the walk, feel the sun and wind on your face in each of the tours.

You will be able to live the unique and incredible experience of following the flight of the condors unfolding their wings to embrace the canyon walls. And to admire in a dawn or a dusk, the rays of the sun illuminating these singular reddish lands.

You will understand that this great landscape, formed by the erosion of wind and water, transmits us a sense of humility that is born from the interconnections of all forms of nature and the desire to care for this land.

As human beings, we must ensure that future generations have the opportunity to create their own links with the Talampaya Canyon.