This excursion proposes to live the adventure of making the trip on board of a 4×4 truck. It is a unique experience that allows you to enjoy the Talampaya Canyon and the Shimpa Canyon, a singular carob tree village where the canyon is no wider than 7 meters and the walls are about 80 meters high.

During the tour we visit 5 stations: Petroglyphs, the Botanical Garden, the Cathedral, the Monk and the Shimpa Canyon, accompanied by a driver and a guide authorized by the National Park Administration.

The trucks offer the possibility of feeling the adrenaline of traveling these winding roads, and at the same time enjoying the air and the sun throughout the tour. They are also equipped with large windows, microphone, audio equipment and VHF.

Rate valid until June 30st, 2023

Duration 4:00 hours Vehicle: 4×4